Alfareed Co. offers the latest models and designs of Aluminum kitchens
It is a distinct and carefully designed collection that meets the needs and requirements of our customers

Features of Aluminum kitchens:
  • High thickness of Aluminum
  • High quality of specifications and colors
  • The best and finest types of hinges and accessories for kitchens

Some of our customers prefer aluminum kitchen decorations because of their fire resistance and aesthetic touch
So we chose this package of decorations for Aluminum kitchens

Quick Comparison

What distinguishes our kitchens and their superiority over others is the exceptional manufacturing with innovative and creative designs In addition to a special excellent service.....are the secret of our superiority over everyone.

What we do

Over the years, the qualitative development of modern technology in the manufacture and design of kitchens and the use of high quality raw materials. All this has become a standard of excellence ... and this is OUR work.

Aluminum kitchens are available in wood colors (similar to natural wood)
And are suitable with the tastes of everyone

Al-Alfareed offers smart (functional) and visually (stunning) kitchens, which are manufactured in quality and in a modern and advanced style, both classic and modern designs that fit the lifestyle of the customer, in addition to the appropriate equipment and accessories. All this is done in collaboration between Alfareed's customers and a team of professional consultants to create unique kitchens tailored to each customer.

Kitchen types:
What distinguishes our kitchens:
  • Luxury and affordable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Resistance to chemicals and stains
  • Various designs with modern appearance and practical use
  • Available in different attractive colors
The basic steps for a perfect kitchen:

First step

Select the type of kitchen

The type of kitchen depends on the equipment and space available during the design of the house and in coordination with the Architect.

Second step

Know your kitchen

In addition to the space, it is necessary to know and identify (sanitation points, electricity points, windows, ventilation, etc.) before starting to design the ideal kitchen for any required modifications are possible and allowed.

Third step


Based on the previous steps they will determine the ideal locations for Dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances, while adhering to the appropriate sizes for available space.

Sample of our works:


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