Windows with Boxes & Shutters

Windows Aluminum with box and shutter:
General Specifications:
  • Al-Fareed windows combine durability and elegance
  • Characterized by their tolerance and suitability to weather fluctuations of heat and humidity
  • High engineering efficiency in preventing the leakage of wind, dust, water and the preservation of the place from all external odors
  • Advanced technology is used to allow water to drain and prevent entry
  • Multiple colors (glass or aluminum) to suit the most difficult tastes
  • Special design for window's rails, which facilitates drainage of water unlike conventional windows
  • Window's wheels have the capacity to withstand weights up to 180 kg
  • Double Glass with spacer thickness 6 to 20 mm
  • The windows glasses are reflective, plain or multicolored
  • Flaps generally work to conceal structural defects, increase insulation efficiency and elegant look
  • Shutter and Shutter cover are together in one package
  • Guarantee on all products and business

The demand for Alfareed Aluminum Windows is increasing for its high efficiency and elegant shape that is in line with all designs and tastes, there are sliding windows, also windows with the joints (hinges) is a single window which opens as similar as to the doors, also there are the tilted windows which are a single window that opens from either the top or the bottom commonly used in the bathroom, and there are the fixed windows used for the stair cases.


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